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7 Easy Rice Flour Substitutes: Bake with Brilliance

Rice flour is a big deal in lots of recipes. It’s the secret weapon that makes everything from crisp cookies to tender breads.

We all have moments when we tear open the pantry, hungry for baking, only to find the rice flour tin glaring back empty. No panic needed. There are a few things lying around in your kitchen waiting to save the day.

In this write-up, we’re sharing the top picks for swapping out rice flour. From almonds ground into fine powder to oats blitzed into a soft dust, each has its charm. These aren’t just stand-ins; they might even bring a new edge to your old favorites.

7 Easy Substitutes for Rice Flour

Without further ado, let’s dive into the substitutes for rice flour that will save your baking session.

SubstituteTasteTextureRatioSuitable For
Almond FlourSlightly nuttyFine, dense1:1Sweet baked goods, frying (low temp)
Coconut FlourSweetAbsorbs moisture quickly, dense1:4 with other floursBaking, combined with other flours
Oat FlourMild, slightly sweetFine, dense1:1Baking, pancakes, waffles
Potato StarchNeutralFine, powdery1:1Thickening, frying
Teff FlourNutty, earthyFine, dense1:1Baking, injera bread
CornstarchNeutralFine, powdery1:1Thickening, frying, puddings
Tapioca FlourNeutralChewy, stretchy1:1Baking, thickening, bubble tea

1 – Almond Flour

Almond flour steps in for rice flour like a pro. It’s all about texture and a slight nutty taste. We’ve swapped it in cookies and they come out beautifully crispy.

One for one is the ratio, super easy. You won’t miss rice flour. If you’re into baking or even frying, almond flour has got your back.

Just remember, it adds a bit more moisture. Adjust liquids if you need to. Also, if you’re keen on more swaps like this, our piece on alternative flours might just be your next read.

2 – Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is quite the charmer in the baking scene, offering a lovely texture swap for rice flour. It’s drier, so it soaks up more liquid. We go with a 1:4 ratio, since it’s denser.

It’s got this subtle sweetness that’s a nice surprise in cakes and bread. Remember, because it’s thirsty, you’ll need to up your liquids in recipes.

We tried it in our go-to muffin recipe, and the result was super moist treats. If you’re poking around for more options like this, our guide to finding the best alternatives for coconut flour might catch your fancy.

Mixing it into pancakes gave us a fluffy dream breakfast. It’s a good move for those wanting a less grainy texture than rice flour.

3 – Oat Flour

Oat flour rolls in as a smooth player in the baking field. It’s ground oats, folks. Milder than rice flour, yet it gets the job done. We say 1:1 swap. Easy.

In our test, cookies got this hearty chew. Breads rose surprisingly well. Oat flour keeps things moist, so it’s clutch for baking. If almond or coconut flour isn’t your jam, oat flour steps up.

Our pancakes turned fluffier. Seriously, try it. If oat flour piques your interest, alternative options for oat flour might too.

4 – Potato Starch

Potato Starch swoops in where rice flour steps out. We find it a champ for thickening sauces and soups. It’s a 1:1 trade.

In our kitchen throwdown, gravies turned out silkier. It blends in without a hitch.

For those dabbling in baking, expect a lighter, airier finish to your goods. Potato Starch injects a bit of magic, making treats slightly more tender.

For more savvy swaps, check our guide on choosing substitutes for potato starch. It’s full of good advice.

This starch keeps things moist, making it a solid backup in your pantry. We happily use it in cookies, finding them crunchier on the outside, soft inside.

5 – Teff Flour

Teff flour, not your typical kitchen flour, steps up with a nutty, slightly sweet vibe. We use it just like rice flour, on a one-to-one basis.

In our baking escapades, it added a whole new dimension. Its tiny grains bring a unique texture that rice flour can’t touch. Cookies? They come out extra tender with teff.

Cakes rise well, better moisture all around. It’s a solid pick for those looking to switch it up.

Feeling adventurous with flour? Our insights on finding the best teff flour substitutes might just spark your curiosity.

6 – Corn Flour (Cornstarch)

While there are differences between corn flour and cornstarch, we’re using them interchangeably here. For baking, use a 1:1 ratio, adding that silky finish to cookies or breads.

Corn flour thickens soups and sauces like rice flour does. Swap it in without fuss for perfectly velvety gravy.

We discovered the yummiest pie crusts using corn flour. It’s an ideal substitute if you’re in the mood for a flaky, buttery crust.

For more options, our guide to finding substitutes for corn flour might just catch your eye.

7 – Tapioca Flour

Last but not least, tapioca flour steps up. We tested it out with a 1:1 ratio—and let us tell you, it’s no slouch.

Tapioca flour helped turn our bread into an epic sandwich vessel. It lightens things while keeping them moist—the perfect marriage of two worlds.

Cassava roots make Tapioca Flour, and they’re rich in starch. It’s got a mild taste that lets your recipe shine on its own.

If tapioca flour has piqued your interest, our exploration of substitutes for tapioca flour might be worth a read.