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4 Date Substitutes: Jazz Up Meals

We’ve all been in that sticky situation where we run out of dates in the middle of cooking. Dates are sweet, versatile gems in the kitchen, but sometimes we need a substitute.

We get it, next time you want to jazz up your meals, we’ve got a few handy alternatives that will keep your dishes just as delicious.

From other dried fruits to natural sweeteners, there’s always a way to keep your recipe shining. Let’s dig into these fabulous swaps that’ll make us forget we were ever missing dates in the first place.

4 Easy Substitutes for Dates

With these date substitutes, you won’t have to stop in the middle of your recipe and make a mad dash to the grocery store. These alternatives are likely already in your pantry or fridge! So let’s see what delicious options we have for swapping out dates in our favorite recipes

1 – Prunes

First up, prunes are awesome for replacing dates. They keep the sweet flavor but add a slightly more complex, caramel-like taste. They’re also soft, so they blend into recipes well. You won’t feel like you’re chewing anything strange in your favorite dessert.

We usually use a 1:1 ratio of prunes to dates in recipes. So, if it calls for one cup of dates, use one cup of prunes. And, we’ve got more prune substitutes if you’re curious—check out this list of prune substitutes for more ideas.

2 – Apricots

We’ve found that dried apricots are a top-notch substitute for dates.

They’re sweet, yet have a bit of tang that makes them stand out. That slight tartness adds an unexpected twist to any recipe.

Use a 1:1 ratio of apricots to dates. If your recipe calls for a cup of dates, use a cup of apricots.

They’re chewy and mix in well, making them perfect for baking or snacking. Check out this list of apricot substitutes in case you’re out of apricots too!

3 – Figs

The flavor of figs is sweet with a tiny hint of nuttiness. We love that they’re soft and can blend into recipes easily.

For replacing dates, use a 1:1 ratio. If a recipe calls for one cup of dates, one cup of figs will do.

Figs add a rich depth to dishes, especially desserts. They keep the chewiness while bringing a slightly different sweetness.

Figs are our go-to for baking or snack bars.

For more fig-related ideas, check out this list of fig substitutes for some fun alternatives.

4 – Raisins

Last but not least, raisins are super handy. They’re easy to find and work great in recipes. Use a 1:1 ratio: If you need a cup of dates, grab a cup of raisins.

They’re sweet, but not too sweet, with a mild tang. This adds an interesting layer to dishes. Raisins might be a bit chewier, but they mix in smoothly. Perfect for baking or as a quick snack.

If you’re curious about more raisin alternatives, check out this detailed list of raisin substitutes.