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7 Mustard Oil Substitutes: Enhance Your Cooking

90% of kitchens have it. Yet few know its full power.

We’re talking mustard oil, folks. It’s not just for dressings.

Got a recipe that calls for it and you’re out? We’ve been in that pinch. Scrambling through cabinets, hoping for a miracle.

We found not one but seven stand-ins. Surprising substitutes that saved our dinner.

Each has its own flair. From olive oil’s smooth operator vibes to coconut oil’s tropical twist.

We tested them all. And oh, the tales we could tell. Quick swaps turned into flavorful feasts.

Ready to join the switch-up party?

7 Easy Substitutes for Mustard Oil

Here are seven easy substitutes for mustard oil that will not only provide a similar flavor but also offer unique health benefits:

1 – Olive Oil + A Pinch of Dry Mustard

Okay, first off, olive oil plus a bit of dry mustard is a solid go-to. We tried it. It works like a charm. A teaspoon of dry mustard mixed with a cup of olive oil gives you that kick.

It’s not a science but an art. The flavors blend well. They bring out a richness in each dish. Think of it as a high-five in your mouth.

We got creative one evening. Swapped in this mix for mustard oil in a marinade. The results? Our taste testers asked for seconds.

For more on olive oil wonders, head over to this page on olive oil swaps.

2 – Coconut Oil + Mustard Seeds

We all need a swap sometimes. Coconut oil and mustard seeds make a great team. This duo works well together in recipes needing that mustard oil vibe. You mix them up, and suddenly, dishes sing. We tried it. It’s true.

In our kitchens, we found a ratio that works. One teaspoon of mustard seeds to one tablespoon of coconut oil. Perfect harmony. We’ve tossed this mix into our curries and stir-fries. It was like they were meant to be together.

Looking for more kitchen swaps? Check out this page on finding alternatives for coconut oil.

3 – Canola Oil + Mustard Powder

We stumbled on a mix that’s just right. Canola oil meets mustard powder. They get along like best friends. A bit of this, a dash of that, and your dishes feel new. We figured out the secret sauce. For every tablespoon of canola oil, mix in half a teaspoon of mustard powder. This blend sneaks into our recipes, making them stand out.

Our test runs proved it. This combo makes flavors bold. We slipped it into our sauces and marinades. The result? Dishes came alive.

Curious about other kitchen swaps? Find them here in our guide to switching up canola oil.

4 – Sunflower Oil + Mustard Seeds

We ran into a combo that works. Sunflower oil pairs with mustard seeds. A little mix here, a sprinkle there, and boom, food gets exciting. Our formula is simple. Add one teaspoon of mustard seeds to one tablespoon of sunflower oil. This mixture finds its way into our recipes, making them pop.

We tossed it into salads and sautés. Dishes turned lively. Want tips on swapping oils? Find how to swap sunflower oil in our article on switching oils.

5 – Soybean Oil + A Dash of Mustard Powder

We hit upon a slick trick. Soybean oil blends with a dash of mustard powder. Easy does it. Mix them right, and dishes zing.

We reached a mix that sings. A tablespoon of soybean oil with half a teaspoon of mustard powder. It slides into our meals, lifting them up.

Our meals got a bump from this. They tasted brighter. Crave more oil swaps? Check how to swap soybean oil here.

6 – Grapeseed Oil + Mustard Seeds

We found a mix that’s spot on. Grapeseed oil hooks up with mustard seeds. A little stir and sprinkle, then surprise, food turns fun. We hit the right notes with a simple recipe. One tablespoon of grapeseed oil for each teaspoon of mustard seeds. This blend sneaks into our dishes, giving them a new vibe.

We threw it into pastas and breads. Meals became more lively. Seeking tips on swapping oils? Our guide on finding alternatives for grapeseed oil is here in our oil swapping guide.

7 – Sesame Oil + A Few Mustard Seeds

We found a trick that slaps. Sesame oil mixed with mustard seeds. It’s a little kitchen swap we dig. We came up with a ratio that keeps things smooth. Mix one tablespoon of sesame oil with a sprinkle of mustard seeds. This twirl up in our dishes feels like a secret handshake.

We tossed it on our plates, and the food sang. Meals felt more kicky. Eager for more twists on oil? Find your way to sesame oil swaps here.