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7 Easy Brazil Nuts Substitutes: Shake Up Recipes

Finding a stand-in for Brazil nuts isn’t as tricky as it seems. We were initially baffled, not because it was hard, but because there were just so many options.

Turns out, you don’t need to go all fancy or stray too far in the grocery aisle to find what you’re looking for. Our kitchens turned into experimental zones, all for the sake of science (and, let’s be honest, snacking).

We tested a bunch of nuts and seeds to see which ones could fill in. Some were nuts, others were seeds, but they all brought the crunch and had flavors that could definitely stand up on their own.

Most of the time, the answers were hiding in plain sight, like right in our pantry. Our taste tests ranged from “Hmm, this is interesting” to “Wow, this actually works!”

7 Easy Substitutes for Brazil Nuts

The following nuts and seeds can successfully substitute Brazil nuts in various recipes. You’ll see that some have similar nutritional profiles, while others may differ slightly. Nonetheless, all of them bring their own unique flavors and textures to the table (or bowl). So, let’s get cracking on those substitutes!

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
AlmondsNutty, mildCrunchyBaking, Snacks, Salads
CashewsCreamy, sweetSoftDesserts, Curries, Nut Butters
HazelnutsRich, slightly sweetCrunchyBaking, Chocolate-based dishes
PecansSweet, butteryCrunchyPies, Candies, Granola
WalnutsEarthy, slightly bitterCrunchyBaking, Salads, Trail Mixes
Macadamia NutsButtery, mildCreamyCookies, Desserts, Snacks
PistachiosSweet, slightly savoryCrunchyBaking, Ice Cream, Snacks

1 – Almonds

Almonds are our go-to nuts since they’re so easy to swap in for Brazil nuts in any recipe. They’re awesome for both baking and snacking. Almonds have this slightly sweet taste that’s great with both sweet and savory stuff. We just use them cup for cup.

In our baking adventures, almonds added that perfect crunch. They’re also amazing in cookies and salads. Roasting them? Wow, it brings out an incredible aroma. We’re all about how versatile these nuts are.

For anyone wanting to dive deeper into the nutty world, checking out alternative options for almonds could really broaden your perspectives.

2 – Cashews

Cashews add the perfect creamy texture to recipes, and guess what? Swapping them in for Brazil nuts equally works wonders. Their mild taste just slips right into both sweet and savory dishes without a hitch.

Honestly, these nuts have totally changed the game for our creamy sauces and vegan cheese experiments – they’re like the MVPs in the kitchen, making every dish pop. For anyone curious about these all-rounders, here’s an awesome article on finding cashew substitutes right here.

Our go-to trick? A quick roast to bring out that rich flavor. Just this little tweak takes everything up a notch, from your salads to your homemade granola.

3 – Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts rock in any dish we’ve thrown them into. They’re spot on for swapping with Brazil nuts, just keep it one-to-one.

Their bold, sweet flavor nails it in baked goods and salads alike.

We found out they toast up like a charm, making that aroma downright irresistible.

For those itching for more ways to use hazelnuts, snag some tips from finding the best hazelnut substitutes.

Our personal test? They totally aced it in homemade pesto. You’ve gotta try them roasted; it’s a game-changer.

4 – Pecans

Pecans easily swap in for Brazil nuts. We use them cup for cup in recipes.

They add a rich, buttery taste to everything, seriously elevating cookies and pies. Pecans toast up nicely, releasing a mouth-watering scent that fills the air.

Our baking days showed us pecans are not just for pies; they rock in homemade granola too.

For those keen on trying other options, finding top-notch pecan alternatives can spice up your dishes.

Their texture? Perfectly crunchy. Makes salads an experience, not just a meal.

5 – Walnuts

Walnuts are our go-to for that extra crunch. They’re a perfect stand-in for Brazil nuts, swapping out cup for cup. In our cooking adventures, these nuts add a rich, earthy flavor that’s unbeatable. Great for baking and more.

We’ve even thrown them into salads for a quick texture boost. Roasting them? Game-changer.

Want to mix things up? Check our guide on swapping walnuts in recipes here. Our cookies have never been better with walnuts in the mix. They keep every bite exciting and full of surprises.

6 – Macadamia Nuts

Have you tried macadamia nuts? If not, you’re missing out. They’re a great substitute for Brazil nuts. Swap them one-to-one and enjoy the rich, buttery taste they bring to any dish.

Great in cookies and granola, these nuts add an indulgent touch without overpowering. And when roasted? Yes, please!

Want to step up your nut game? Look into more substitutes for macadamia nuts. Get ready to elevate your dishes to a whole new level.

7 – Pistachios

The final nut on our list is pistachios, and oh boy, do they hold their own. Swap them in for Brazil nuts one-to-one – they’re perfect both shelled or unshelled.

Pistachios add a unique flavor that’s distinct from other nuts. They bring a great balance of sweet and savory to any dish. We love using them in baking and salads, but they also make a great addition to savory dishes like pesto or meat marinades.

And let’s not forget their vibrant green color – it makes any dish pop! Looking for more ways to incorporate pistachios? Check out some delicious alternatives that will have you reaching for them in every recipe.