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7 Easy Pumpkin Seeds Substitutes: Tasty Twist Time

Pumpkin seeds missing from the pantry again? We get it.

Sometimes, you’re all set to cook, and poof, no pumpkin seeds.

Not all is lost, though. We’ve scoured for substitutes that are just as good.

And, guess what? We actually found some gems.

Our kitchens turned into testing grounds, because, well, we needed to be sure.

Turns out, plenty of other seeds and nuts can fill those pumpkin shoes. You might even prefer some of our finds.

7 Easy Substitutes for Pumpkin Seeds

For each of these alternatives, use the same amount as you would for pumpkin seeds in your recipe (unless otherwise noted). Bonus: most of these options are vegan and gluten-free.

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Sunflower SeedsNuttyCrunchySalads, Trail Mix, Baked Goods
AlmondsNuttyCrunchySnacks, Granola, Desserts
PecansRichCrunchyBaking, Salads, Trail Mix
WalnutsEarthyCrunchyBaking, Granola, Savory Dishes
CashewsCreamySoftVegan Cheese, Desserts, Stir-fries
PistachiosSweetCrunchySnacks, Baking, Garnish
HazelnutsRichCrunchyBaking, Desserts, Nut Butter

1 – Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are our first lineup for pumpkin seed swaps.

They’re easy to find and affordable.

We love them for their crunch. Perfect in salads and bread.

Use them one-to-one in any recipe. They toast well, adding a nutty flavor.

Ever tried them in pesto? Game-changing. They’re packed with nutrients, too.

Interested in more creative ways to use sunflower seeds? Check out this guide on sunflower seed substitutes.

2 – Almonds

Almonds come in handy, really. We swap them for pumpkin seeds straight-up, one for one. They’re everywhere, easy to grab.

They snap when you bite. Great for that crunch in salads, plus they add a sweet note. Roasting them? They turn wonderfully golden and their taste deepens.

Ever tossed them into your baking? They blend right in. For those who love experimenting, almonds are a star in homemade granolas.

Find more tips on swapping in almonds right here at this almond substitution guide.

3 – Pecans

Pecans are your go-to crunchy swap. Use them just like pumpkin seeds, one-for-one. They add a buttery kick that you just can’t ignore. Perfect for baking and so much more.

They blend into any dish, taking the taste up a notch. If you’re all in on trying pecan alternatives, check out alternative ways to use pecans that might just spark your interest. Give them a roast for that extra flavor punch.

They come out perfectly golden. Their unique texture really makes salads stand out. Pecans aren’t just for pies; they’re magic in savory dishes too, adding a richness that’s totally addictive.

4 – Walnuts

Walnuts are our top pick, kinda like pumpkin seeds. We’re all about their rich, earthy flavor that just works with everything. Great for baking and they add that nice crunch to salads. Their texture? Spot on – not too hard, not too mushy. We’re big fans of tossing them into homemade pesto as well.

They’re super flexible, swapping out pumpkin seeds without missing a beat. Want more walnut tips? Check out tons over at alternative walnut uses for cooking.

When toasted, they hit that perfect golden brown, making them taste even better. We love throwing them into our morning oatmeal for that little extra kick.

5 – Cashews

Cashews are awesome for getting that smooth texture, perfect for blending. You can totally swap them one-for-one with pumpkin seeds.

They’re great in both sweet and savory stuff, making sauces and dips just irresistible with their creamy vibe. We’ve tried them in vegan dishes, and they never fail to impress. For cool cashew swap ideas, check out creative uses for cashews in cooking.

When you roast them, they add this nice, subtle sweetness. Blending them up? You get a rich, smooth base that’s a win for dairy-free options. They’re super versatile, easily stealing the show in any recipe.

6 – Pistachios

Pistachios really pop with their bright green color. We toss them in just like pumpkin seeds, using the same amount.

They add a nice crunch to any dish and have a slightly sweet flavor that brings something special. We’ve thrown them into both sweet and savory dishes, and they always work out great. They’re awesome in baked goods and salads.

Roasting them? Even better—it kicks up their flavor a notch. If you’re up for a bit of fun in the kitchen, pistachios are super versatile. Ever thought about throwing pistachios into your cooking mix?

Check out this guide on pistachio alternatives in cooking – it might just spark some ideas. Plus, their color makes any dish look more inviting.

7 – Hazelnuts

Last but not least, let’s talk about hazelnuts – our awesome pumpkin seed swap. Think of them as the cool blend of cashews and walnuts, super perfect for blending or tossing into your baked treats. Just swap them straight up for pumpkin seeds.

They slide right into any dish, giving it that nutty kick that’s just yum. Roasting? Oh, it takes them to another level. Give them a go in your next homemade granola or trail mix adventure.

Feeling a bit daring? Hazelnuts are killer for making your own nut butters, amazing on toast or swirled into smoothies. For more fun ideas, check out this guide on rocking hazelnuts instead of other nuts.