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5 Easy Red Currant Jelly Substitutes: Upgrade the Recipes

Ever found yourself staring at a recipe that calls for red currant jelly and thought, “Well, I don’t have that”?

We’ve all been in that spot. Finding a substitute can feel like a wild goose chase.

Lucky for us, the kitchen is the perfect place for creativity to thrive.

Today, we’ll unveil five easy swaps that will have you whipping up your dish in no time.

Remember the time we tried grape jelly in a pinch? Surprisingly, it worked wonders.

Join us as we dive into simple yet effective alternatives to keep your cooking game strong.

No fancy jargon, just straight-up good advice from your fellow cooking enthusiasts.

5 Easy Substitutes for Red Currant Jelly

The first step to finding a substitute for red currant jelly is understanding its flavor profile.

Red currant jelly has a tart and slightly sweet taste, with subtle notes of berry and citrus.

Keeping this in mind, here are five easy substitutes that will upgrade your recipes:

SubstituteTasteTextureSuitable Dishes
Raspberry JamSweet and tangySmoothBaking, glazing, flavoring
Cranberry SauceTart and sweetChunkyGlazing, flavoring (savoury dishes)
Black Currant JamRich and sweetSmoothBaking, glazing, flavoring
Strawberry PreservesSweet and fruityChunkyBaking, glazing, flavoring
Cherry JamSweet and slightly tartSmoothBaking, glazing, flavoring

1 – Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam? Oh, yeah. This buddy steps in with a tangy zing, quite similar to our pal red currant jelly. We find it adds a nice, fruity kick to dishes. It’s sweeter, though, so we adjust things a bit.

We usually swap it in equal amounts. Got a recipe screaming for a cup of red currant jelly? Use a cup of raspberry jam. Easy, right?

Now, here’s a little story. Once, we totally forgot to grab red currant jelly for a glaze. Panic? Nope. We grabbed raspberry jam from the shelf, and the result was amazing. Guests loved it. They even asked for the recipe.

2 – Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce steps in as a solid swap for red currant jelly. It has a tartness that mirrors red currant’s flavor, with an added hint of sweetness. We use it often in sauces where that balance is key. Adjustments in sweetness might be necessary, so tasting as you go is a good plan.

We learned this trick during a Thanksgiving meal prep. We had no red currant jelly for the glaze. Our choice? Cranberry sauce. The guests could not stop raving about the twist in the recipe. For a substitution, think one-to-one ratio. It’s this simple – a cup for a cup.

If you’re curious about more ways to use cranberry sauce in your dishes, you might find our guide on alternative uses for cranberry sauce helpful.

3 – Black Currant Jam

Switching red currant jelly with black currant jam? We do it. Black currant jam comes in with a similar tartness. Important: it’s thicker. We use it in sauces and glazes. We measure it the same, cup for cup.

One evening, we needed a spread for our toast. No red currant jelly in sight. We tried black currant jam. Surprise, it was perfect. Our friends now do the same. They swap it in their recipes. Ratio? Simple. A cup of red currant jelly equals a cup of black currant jam.

4 – Strawberry Preserves

Strawberry preserves step in as a friend to recipes needing that sweet touch. They bring a slightly different flavor. Sweeter than red currant, with a smooth berry taste.

We swap it cup for cup. In a recipe asking for a cup of red currant jelly, just use a cup of strawberry preserves. Easy swap.

One afternoon, we ran out of red currant jelly for a dessert. Strawberry preserves were all we had. We gave it a shot. The dessert turned out fantastic. Our guests thought it was intentional. We keep it as a go-to swap now.

5 – Cherry Jam

We all find cherry jam as a cool stand-in. It echoes red currant’s tartness with a splash of sweet. Cherry jam steps up, especially in recipes asking for a bit of tang and sweetness. We use it just like we would with red currant jelly.

For every cup needed, we go cup for cup. Swapping is straightforward. I recall a pie we made. Needed red currant jelly and used cherry jam instead. The pie was a hit. Friends asked, “What’s the secret?”

Our tip: always check the sweetness. You might need to tweak a bit. Cherry jam can be sweeter. Adjust to your liking. This switch has saved our dishes more times than we can count.