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6 Substitutes for Cognac: Spice Up Drinks

You’re out of cognac. We’ve been there. No need to panic. Let’s get creative!

First, swap it with brandy; they’re practically cousins. Next up, Armagnac offers a deeper flavor. How about some bourbon? Pretty close and adds a twist.

Gin can work too, giving you that floral edge. Or surprise yourself and use rum. Dark or gold makes for a smooth transition.

Finally, there’s sherry. It’s underrated but packs a similar punch. Mixing it up can be fun and flavorful.

6 Easy Substitutes for Cognac

When it comes to cocktails, sometimes we have to get a little creative. Maybe you ran out of your favorite liquor or want to try something new? Fear not, because we’ve got six easy substitutes for cognac that will spice up your drinks and leave you feeling satisfied.

1 – Brandy

The best substitute for cognac is brandy. Here’s why: the taste is close enough to fool a connoisseur. Brandy offers similar fruity notes, but with a slightly warmer undertone. We love how it’s aged in wood barrels, giving it that rich, nuanced flavor.

Brandy works well in cocktails that call for cognac. Mix it in a Sidecar or an Old Fashioned and you won’t miss a beat. It’s versatile and widely available, making it perfect for experiments in the home bar. For more brandy substitutes and ideas, check out this guide brandy alternatives.

2 – Armagnac

Armagnac, our personal fave, brings a deeper, more rustic flavor to the table. It’s got earthy, floral notes that set it apart. Picture this: brandy’s cooler, more complex cousin. It’s aged longer, giving it a richer, fuller taste.

We love its strong, bold character. Use it in cocktails for a robust twist. Try it in a classic recipe and see the difference. Trust us, the switch will impress. You’ll notice the nuanced layers, making every sip an experience.

3 – Bourbon

Bourbon’s got a sweet, smoky vibe with a hint of vanilla. Unlike cognac, it’s bold and smooth. Perfect for a cozy vibe in a Manhattan.

We dig its caramel undertones and the way it stands out in classic cocktails. For the curious, check out this guide to bourbon substitutes.

Its warm, spicy notes make sipping enjoyable. It’s a solid choice for swapping out cognac. Bourbon’s punchy characteristics elevate any drink. Different, yet tasty.

4 – Gin

Gin has that floral edge we all love. It’s crisp with juniper and citrus tones. Perfect over ice and brings freshness to cocktails.

Gin is versatile; it adds its own zing to usual cognac recipes. Use it for a lighter, aromatic twist. We love how it’s a bit of a wildcard but still enjoyable.

Gin’s herbal notes give a unique flair. It’s not as heavy, making it ideal for summer drinks. For extra ideas, visit this guide on gin substitutes.

5 – Rum

One of the tastiest substitutes, rum, brings warmth with its buttery sweetness. It’s a go-to for cocktails needing a smooth twist.

We love the dark and gold varieties for their velvety, caramel flavor. Their richness makes drinks more indulgent. Perfect in an Old Fashioned or any mixed drink.

We have experimented with it. That idea turned our Daiquiri into a game-changer. What’s more, gold rum offers a slightly smoky feel. For more details, check out this guide to rum alternatives.

Rum adds depth. It’s a flavor booster.

6 – Sherry

Last up is sherry, offering a slightly nutty vibe with a hint of sweetness. We love its rich layers—almost like toasted almonds dipped in caramel.

Sherry brings a subdued yet complex flavor to cocktails. Mix it and feel the elegance. Aged in barrels, it provides a smooth but firm taste.

It’s a solid replacement, especially in classic drinks. We used it in a Sidecar, and the nutty notes surprised us. For related info, see sherry substitutes.

Sherry is for those who appreciate nuanced, aged spirits. It’s your classy choice when cognac is out.