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What to Serve with Avgolemono Soup? 10 BEST Side Dishes

We are huge fans of avgolemono soup, that silky, tangy Greek classic. But we can’t just stop there, right? What do we serve with it to make the meal truly amazing?

Maybe some crispy pita chips for a bit of crunch. Or how about a fresh Greek salad with feta and olives? Oh, and let’s not forget the garlic bread.

We’re already drooling. Let’s talk about what pairs perfectly with this lemony soup.

Top 10 Side Dishes for Avgolemono Soup

Here are our top 10 picks for side dishes to serve with your delicious bowl of avgolemono soup:

Crusty BreadFlour, yeast, water, saltWarm, crustyModerate2-3 hours
Greek SaladTomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta, olives, olive oil, lemonFresh, tangyEasy15 mins
Roasted PotatoesPotatoes, olive oil, herbsCrispy, herbyEasy45 mins
SpanakopitaSpinach, feta, phyllo doughSavory, flakyModerate1 hour
DolmadesGrape leaves, rice, herbs, lemonTangy, herbyModerate1 hour
Tzatziki SaladCucumber, yogurt, garlic, dillCool, creamyEasy20 mins
Lemon Roasted AsparagusAsparagus, lemon, olive oilBright, freshEasy20 mins
Horiatiki SaladTomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta, olives, olive oil, lemonFresh, tangyEasy15 mins
Roasted BeetsBeets, feta, olive oilSweet, earthyEasy45 mins
Grilled Chicken SouvlakiChicken, lemon, oreganoGrilled, herbyModerate30 mins

1 – Crusty Bread

We love crusty bread. It’s perfect for soaking up that lemony goodness of the soup. The outside is crunchy, while the inside is soft and chewy.

Think of it as the ultimate companion. The bread’s texture adds an amazing contrast to the smooth soup.

Plus, who can resist that fresh-baked aroma?

2 – Greek Salad

Greek salad with avgolemono soup is a zesty duo.

The feta is salty and crumbly. The olives add a briny bite. We enjoy the refreshing cucumbers and juicy tomatoes. They balance the soup’s tanginess.

This pairing feels like a sunshine burst in your mouth!

We adore how the salad’s crunch complements the smooth soup.

3 – Roasted Potatoes

These spuds are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The golden brown exterior has a satisfying crunch.

They have a light, herby flavor thanks to rosemary and garlic. We love pairing them with avgolemono soup for balance.

The saltiness of the potatoes elevates the tangy soup. We never skip this side.

4 – Spanakopita (Spinach Pie)

Spanakopita is savory and flaky. It’s stuffed with spinach, feta, and herbs.

The pastry is crisp and light. Spinach adds earthiness, while feta brings a salty tang.

We especially love the buttery crust. It pairs beautifully with the lemony avgolemono soup.

We often argue over the last piece! It’s a family favorite.

5 – Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Dolmades are small but mighty. Stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, herbs, and sometimes meat.

They’re tangy and have a slight crunch. The leaves add a unique flavor.

The lemony avgolemono and savory dolmades contrast well. Both have bright flavors.

We love how they balance each other. It’s a zesty bite every time. We can’t get enough.

6 – Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

Tzatziki cucumber salad brings a cool, refreshing bite. The creamy yogurt sauce with garlic and dill just works.

Cucumbers are crunchy and light. They mix well with the tangy yogurt.

We enjoy the kick from garlic and the freshness of dill.

It’s a simple, yet flavorful side. Pairs beautifully with avgolemono soup’s lemony zest.

7 – Lemon Roasted Asparagus

Lemon roasted asparagus is crisp and bright. We love the zesty lemon bringing out its natural flavors.

It’s roasted to a perfect golden brown. The asparagus retains a slight crunch while being tender.

We enjoy the hint of garlic and just enough herb. It’s our go-to side for a refreshing, light bite.

8 – Horiatiki Salad (Greek Village Salad)

Horiatiki Salad brings fresh and robust flavors. The tomatoes are juicy, and the cucumbers are crisp.

We love the tangy feta and salty olives mixed in. The red onions add a zesty punch.

It’s hearty and light balance. Perfect with avgolemono soup’s lemony kick.

Our team raves about this salad’s simplicity and bold taste.

9 – Roasted Beets with Feta

Roasted beets are earthy and sweet. Feta adds a salty, tangy contrast. This pairing pops with flavor. The beets are tender, and the feta is creamy.

We love how the textural contrast takes avgolemono soup to another level. It’s a vibrant side dish. Personal favorite for its color and flavor balance.

10 – Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

Tzatziki cucumber salad brings a refreshing bite. The creamy yogurt pairs perfectly with garlic and dill.

Cucumbers stay crunchy and light. They balance the soup’s tangy flavor effortlessly.

We love this side’s simplicity and punchy taste. It’s a go-to for that cool, flavorful addition.

Personal hacks? Add a squeeze of lemon.