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5 Easy Cassava Flour Substitutes: Pep Up Food

We’ve all been there. Staring at a recipe calling for cassava flour, and there’s none in the pantry. No need to make a grocery run. We have some great substitutes to save the day.

Remember that time we tried making pancakes and realized halfway through that we were out of flour? Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. So, we found simple swaps to keep your meal on track.

From coconut flour to almond flour, these alternatives are easy to use. Plus, they’re likely already hanging out in your kitchen. We’re here to help you nail those recipes without a hitch. Let’s get to it!

5 Easy Substitutes for Cassava Flour

When your favorite recipe calls for cassava flour, try these substitutes instead:

1 – Coconut Flour

As coconut flour subtly whispers sweetness in our recipes, we love its nutty flair. This magically absorbs liquids, so we tend to use 20% less of it than cassava flour.

It’s light and fluffy, making our cakes cloud-soft. There’s a mild coconut hint, but it’s not overpowering. Perfect for those gluten-free bakes. It makes our cookies crispier and our bread a bit denser.

We’ve tried it in pancakes, and wow, they were gorgeous. Curious about other coconut flour substitutes? Check this coconut flour alternative for more options.

2 – Tapioca Flour

Another great cassava flour substitute is tapioca flour. It’s got a smooth texture and mild taste. It makes our crusts chewy and yummy.

For baking, use in a one-to-one ratio with cassava flour. It thickens our soups just right and adds crispiness to fried foods.

We find it keeps the fried stuff crunchy longer. Our pie crusts have never been flakier. Curious about other tapioca flour alternatives? Check out our detailed review.

3 – Almond Flour

The almond flour substitute stands out for its light texture and mildly sweet, nutty flavor. It’s versatile and pairs well with most recipes.

We use almond flour in a one-to-one ratio with cassava flour. It makes our cakes moist and our cookies chewy.

There’s a slight almond taste, which adds a delicious twist to baked goods. Perfect for gluten-free recipes and low-carb baking.

We found that almond flour makes our pancakes fluffy and our quick breads tender. For more details, check out these alternative options for almond flour.

4 – Arrowroot Powder

When we sub in arrowroot powder, our dishes are smooth and light. This magical ingredient has a neutral taste and a silky texture.

It’s smart to use in a 1:1 ratio with cassava flour. Our scones are flakier, and our sauces thicken perfectly.

Try it in baking for a satisfying result. Plus, it’s a champ in soups and stews. We find it keeps our batters light and our pies slightly crispy.

For more tricks, check this arrowroot powder substitute.

5 – Potato Starch

Last, we have potato starch. It brings that fluffy texture we love in our baked goods. Plus, it’s got a neutral flavor that blends seamlessly.

Use it in a 1:1 ratio with cassava flour. Our gravies get smooth, and our cookies stay crisp.

Potato starch is great for frying; it leaves our fried chicken extra crunchy. We tried potato starch in our brownies, and they turned out fudgy and perfect.

It’s another versatile staple for our pantry. Curious about other options? Check out these potato starch substitutes.