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100 Worth-trying Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners

Have you ever tried making your favorite snacks in an air fryer? We have, and let us tell you, the results are awesome.

From crispy wings to crunchy veggies, the air fryer upped our snack game big time. It’s like discovering a cheat code for delicious food.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 must-try recipes that will make your taste buds dance. Whether you’re looking to impress friends or just enjoy a quiet night in, these air fryer recipes have got you covered.

Ready to make your meals amazing? Let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

100 Worth-trying Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners

Here are just a few of the air fryer recipes we have on But trust us, there’s so much more to discover.

1 – Air Fryer Chicken Wings


Craving crispy, tasty wings? Us too!

They’re super easy to make in the air fryer. Just grab some chicken wings, toss them with your favorite spices, and let the air fryer work its magic.

The result? Juicy, tender meat with an ultra-crispy skin. We love adding garlic powder and paprika. It adds a nice kick and makes each bite a flavor explosion.

Compared to oven-baked wings, these are quicker and crispier. Plus, no need to drown them in oil. Less mess, more flavor!

2 – Air Fryer French Fries

air-fryer french fries

We all love fries, right? Ours come out golden and crispy every time in the air fryer.

No greasy mess, perfect crunch, minimal oil.

To get that perfect fry, we use Russet potatoes. Cut them into even sticks. Soak them in water for an hour to remove starch.

Toss them with olive oil, salt, and a pinch of paprika. This gives them nice color and a slight kick.

Flavor-wise, they’re a hit. They have that classic potato taste with a crispy exterior. Soft on the inside.

Enjoy them with your favorite dip. Ketchup, aioli, you name it. These fries are a game-changer.

3 – Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts


Who knew brussels sprouts could be so fun? We grabbed a bag, tossed them in olive oil, threw in some salt, and popped them in the air fryer.

They came out crispy and slightly charred. Perfectly tender inside, bursting with flavor. Add a little balsamic glaze or a squeeze of lemon juice for a tangy twist.

These aren’t your grandma’s brussels sprouts. They have a nutty, rich taste. Quick to make and seriously addictive.

Our secret? A sprinkle of garlic powder and parmesan. Trust us, you’ll make these every week.

4 – Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks


Crunchy on the outside, gooey inside. We’re talking mozzarella sticks that are pure bliss.

We took the classic snack up a notch. Coat the cheese sticks with breadcrumbs. We use seasoned ones for extra flavor.

Bake them in the air fryer until golden. No oil splatter, just crispy perfection.

When we made them, they disappeared fast. Everyone loved them with marinara sauce.

They taste like the ones from our favorite restaurant. Perfect for parties or solo snacking.

5 – Air Fryer Pork Roast


Love juicy pork roast? Us too! Prep is easy. Season with salt, pepper. Pop them in the air fryer.

Result? Outside is crispy. Inside is tender. We add paprika and garlic. Adds great flavor.

Cook time? Quick and hassle-free. Pair with your favorite sides. Tasty and satisfying meal.

6 – Air Fryer Cauliflower Bites


Cauliflower. Olive oil. Spices. These bites are crispy on the outside and tender inside.

We use garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. Simple but effective. It makes them savory and a bit smoky.

Perfect side for any meal. Or a snack. Quick and healthy. No guilt.

Our favorites? Dip in a bit of ranch or buffalo sauce.

Compared to other snacks, these are light yet satisfying. We love that crunch. Easy to make, hard to resist.

7 – Air Fryer Shrimps

Seafood in an air fryer? Yes, please! We love these air fryer shrimp. They’re juicy, flavorful, and super easy.

Season them with garlic, paprika, and lemon juice. The flavors blend wonderfully.

Craving more depth? Add a pinch of cayenne. Simple, right? Perfect for a light snack or side dish.

They cook quickly, great for busy days. Pair with a spicy dipping sauce.

We can’t get enough. The air fryer makes the shrimp hold their texture perfectly—no rubbery disappointments here.

8 – Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries


Craving something sweet and crispy? Let us introduce you to air fryer sweet potato fries.

Perfectly golden and crisp on the outside. Soft and flavorful inside. Sweet potatoes bring natural sweetness.

We cut them into sticks, toss them in a little olive oil. Sprinkle sea salt and a touch of cinnamon.

They’re healthier than regular fries. More fiber, vitamins, and just as delicious. Win-win. Great as a snack or a side.

Our tip: Serve with a spicy mayo dip. Adds a delicious contrast. You might just love them more than the classic fries.

9 – Air Fryer Bacon

Delicious, crispy Air Fryer bacon

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love bacon? Our air fryer bacon is crispy, less greasy, and quick.

The first bite is a revelation. Perfect crunch, amazing smokiness. We love how the air fryer keeps it from getting too oily.

For seasoning, we stick to basics. Salt and pepper—simple but effective.

Perfect for breakfast, burgers, or just midnight snacking.

No more messy frying pans. Just pure, unadulterated bacon bliss.

10 – Air Fryer Zucchini Chips


Crunchy, light, healthy snack.

Crispy and addictive. We slice zucchini thin, toss with a bit of olive oil, then air fry to perfection. We like adding garlic powder for a savory touch. They have a slight nuttiness and a satisfying crisp.

Way better than store-bought chips, let’s be honest. Sprinkle sea salt and a hint of paprika for a bit of a kick. They’re fantastic alongside your favorite dip like ranch or maybe a spicy aioli.

We’re obsessed because they’re easy to make and way healthier than traditional fried snacks. Give it a try, and you’ll get why we keep making them.

11 – Air Fryer Apple Chips


Light, crunchy apple bliss.

Air fryer apple chips are the snack dreams are made of. Crispy, sweet, and oh-so-addictive.

We use Honeycrisp apples. Slice them thin for maximum crunch. A bit of cinnamon and sugar for that hint of warmth.

Taste-wise, they’re fantastic. Sweet and tangy with a crunchy bite.

Great for munching anytime. We found ourselves snacking non-stop. No greasy fingers, just pure apple goodness.

Perfect for when you crave something light. Give these a whirl and enjoy the crispy perfection.

12 – Air Fryer Tofu Bites


Crispy perfection! These tofu bites are golden and crunchy on the outside, tender inside.

We marinate the tofu in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. A bit of cornstarch makes them crisp up nicely.

Flavor-wise, they’re savory with hints of umami. Each bite is a delight.

For an extra kick, we add a sprinkle of chili flakes. Trust us, they’re addictive.

Pair them with your favorite dipping sauce. We love a tangy soy dipping sauce.

Ideal for a quick snack or a protein-packed side. Great for tofu skeptics.

Our take? Tofu doesn’t have to be boring.

13 – Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms


Let’s talk mushrooms. We stuff these with cream cheese, garlic, and herbs. So good.

Key features? Easy and tasty. Crispy tops, savory filling. Perfect bite-size bliss.

Ingredient list: mushrooms, cream cheese, garlic, herbs, Parmesan. Simple stuff but big flavors.

We like how the air fryer makes them crispy without drying out. The cream cheese stays creamy.

Personal anecdote? Made these for game night. They vanished in minutes. Friends asked for the recipe.

They’re a hit for parties or as a side. Try them with a sprinkle of chili flakes. Adds a bit of a kick.

14 – Air Fryer Fish Fillets


Fish fillets in an air fryer? Yes, please! They come out flaky, tender, and with a crispy outer layer.

We go simple on the seasoning: salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Sometimes, we add a bit of paprika for extra flavor.

They’re perfect as a main dish or a light snack. The air fryer keeps them moist inside without being greasy.

Perfectly cooked every time. It’s our new go-to for quick and healthy dinners. Great with a side of veggies.

15 – Air Fryer Onion Rings


Onion rings are always a hit. They’re crispy on the outside and tender inside.

We love the crunch of air fryer onion rings. They have just the right amount of bite.

Compared to fried, there’s less grease, more crunch. We prefer them with a side of ranch or BBQ sauce.

The flavor pops with a sprinkle of paprika. This adds a nice kick.

Making them is easy. Just coat onion slices in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs.

Air fry until golden brown. Perfect snack for movie nights.

16 – Air Fryer Chicken Tenders


Juicy, crispy, and ready in no time. Perfect for any meal! Breaded to perfection, they deliver crunch with each bite.

We coat our chicken tenders with flour, egg, and seasoned breadcrumbs.

Air fry them until golden. These have a great balance of tenderness and crunch.

Making chicken tenders in the air fryer is easier and less greasy. It’s a snack or meal that never disappoints.

17 – Air Fryer Eggplant Parmesan


Eggplant Parmesan in the air fryer? Yes, please! Crispy layers, melty cheese goodness. We love it as a hearty side dish or even a main course.

Our version is simple: sliced eggplant, breadcrumbs, marinara, and mozzarella. The air fryer keeps it light and crispy. Flavors are rich and satisfying.

For the best results, we lightly salt the eggplant to draw out moisture. Then, we coat them in a mix of breadcrumbs and Parmesan. A quick spritz of cooking spray helps get them golden brown.

18 – Air Fryer Falafel


Falafel in the air fryer is a revelation. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

Perfectly seasoned, with a burst of herbs. We toss them in tzatziki or hummus.

The aroma of cilantro and parsley fills the air. Chickpeas, garlic, and spices form the base.

The air fryer gives them a lovely golden crust. Light, not greasy.

We love making a big batch for weeknight dinners. Or even as a snack.

Eating them with pita bread is our go-to. Add some sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

It’s like having a mini Mediterranean feast at home. Easy to make, easy to love!

19 – Air Fryer Avocado Fries


Crispy on the outside, creamy inside. Avocado lovers, this one’s for you.

Flavour is mild, slightly nutty. Perfect for dipping in ranch or spicy mayo.

Ingredients are simple: ripe avocados, breadcrumbs, and seasoning. The texture is a real treat.

We slice avocados into wedges. Coat in egg and breadcrumbs.

Air fry until golden brown. Easy, quick, and tasty.

We love these as a snack or side dish. They have a great crunch without being oily.

20 – Air Fryer Meatball

delicious Air Fryer Meatball

Big on flavor, minimal effort. Let’s talk meatballs.

Juicy, perfectly seasoned, utterly satisfying. We love these as a main or snack. They’re a winner at parties.

Made with ground beef or turkey. Mix with bread crumbs, onions, and garlic. Simple and classic.

In the air fryer, they cook evenly. No oily mess. The outside gets a light crisp, inside stays moist.

We like adding a dash of Italian seasoning. For a twist, try BBQ sauce or teriyaki glaze.

21 – Air Fryer Blooming Onion


So, let’s talk blooming onion. Think onion rings, but way cooler.

Crispy, crunchy layers, mildly sweet onion inside. Perfect with ranch dip.

We coat onion in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs. Air fry it to golden beauty.

Flavor profile? Mild onion tang with crispy bite. So satisfying.

Season with paprika, garlic powder, and a pinch of cayenne.

Personal tip: Use a medium onion for the best texture. Great for game day snacks or Friday night treats.

22 – Air Fryer Donuts


So, let’s talk air fryer donuts. Warm, sweet rings of joy. Perfectly golden.

Key features? Soft inside, crisp outside. We make them with simple ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, milk, yeast. Classic recipe.

The flavor is subtle, with a hint of vanilla. We glaze with either chocolate or sugar icing.

Personal story? Made these for our Sunday brunch. They disappeared fast. Friends wanted more.

These little treats are great for breakfast or dessert. Tastes like heaven!

23 – Air Fryer Salmon Bowls

air fryer salmon bowls

Alright, foodies, buckle up because these Air Fryer Salmon Bowls are about to change your dinner game forever.

Picture this: perfectly crispy salmon on the outside, tender and flaky on the inside, sitting on a bed of fluffy rice with all the fixings.

And the kicker? It’s all cooked up in an air fryer! That’s right, no need to wrestle with a gazillion pots and pans. It’s super easy, lightning fast, and, let’s be honest, pretty darn impressive to serve up.

Whether you’re channeling your inner chef or just winging it, this recipe is your ticket to flavor town with minimal effort.

24 – Air Fryer Pizza Rolls

air fryer pizza rolls

Pizza rolls in the air fryer?! Oh yes, we just went there. Quick, tasty, and always hits the spot.

Our rolls are loaded with savory goodness. Think gooey cheese, zesty sauce, and a crispy crust.

They’re the ultimate snack for any occasion. Made with simple ingredients: dough, mozzarella, pepperoni, and marinara.

We love the way these turn out. The air fryer gives them a perfect crispness without greasy hands.

Flavour-wise, they’re a delightful blend of cheesy, spicy, and tangy. Nothing complicated, just pure deliciousness.

We prefer dipping them in garlic sauce or extra marinara.

25 – Air Fryer Corn on the Cob

Air Fryer Corn on the Cob

Sweet and smoky flavor. Hits the spot every time. Fresh corn meets a perfect roast.

We use whole corn cobs, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Easy ingredients you already have.

The air fryer cooks corn quickly. Each kernel gets a bit of a char.

Quick snack or dinner side? Yes, please. Crunchy, juicy, and messy (in a good way).

This recipe is our family barbecue favorite, now made easy. Less fuss, more corn-loving.

26 – Air Fryer Ravioli

golden, crispy air-fried ravioli

Oh, crispy ravioli bites! Just seven minutes in the air fryer, and you’ve got crunchy, cheesy goodness. Tender inside, crisp outside. Perfect for dipping in marinara.

Crunchy, cheesy, and finger-licking good. We start with store-bought ravioli. Coat in breadcrumbs and Parmesan. Spray with cooking spray, and air fry.

The flavor is simple: cheesy and savory. No need for fancy ingredients. Quick, easy, and tasty.

Pro Tip: Top with a bit of grated Parmesan before serving. Extra cheesy, extra tasty.

These little bites? They’re always a hit at our game nights. Friends can’t stop munching. Easy prep, no mess.

27 – Air Fryer Breakfast Potatoes


Hot, crispy, and oh-so-tasty. Perfect start to your morning. Crispy outside, soft inside. We use small potatoes, chopped into bite-sized pieces.

Season with salt, pepper, and a touch of paprika. Simple ingredients make these shine. Toss in a splash of olive oil for that golden finish.

Cooking time? About 15 minutes. That’s it. We’re talking crunchy bites in no time.

Flavor? Smoky, savory, and just a hint of spice. These pair well with eggs. Or any breakfast spread, really. Casual weekend breakfast? These are a must.

28 – Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

delicious Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

Cheesy, spicy, crunchy. These make snacking exciting.

We take fresh jalapenos. Stuff with cream cheese and spices.

Coat them in breadcrumbs. Air fry till golden.

Texture? Crunchy outside, creamy inside. Flavor? Bold and spicy with a cheesy twist.

Personal story: Had these at a party. They disappeared in minutes.

Use them as appetizers or game-day snacks.

29 – Air Fryer Chimichangas

Corn, olive oil, salt, and pepper. This dish hits every craving.

Sweet charred kernels. You’ll love the smoky taste.

Personal anecdote? We turned a BBQ staple into a weekday treat. Easy, fast, mess-free.

Pair it with grilled meats. Or serve solo as a snack.

Perfect for summer vibes. Fun, easy, satisfying snack.

30 – Air Fryer Dino Nuggets

delicious air fryer dino nuggets

Kids and adults, these dino nuggets hit the spot. Crunchy exterior, tender inside.

Made with chicken, breadcrumbs, and a hint of seasoning.

We dip in ketchup for that nostalgic flavor. Perfect snack or quick meal.

Personal anecdote? We made these for game night; they vanished fast.

Bonus: No greasy hands, just pure fun. Ideal for any gathering. Simple, tasty, and always a hit.

31 – Air Fryer Potato Wedges


Crispy outside, soft middle. Warm, hearty, irresistible.

We use russet potatoes. Simple ingredients: olive oil, sea salt, pepper.

Flavor? Golden, savory goodness. The texture is perfect for dipping.

Best seasoning? Paprika and garlic powder. It makes a huge flavor boost.

Personal anecdote: Our kids love these. Weekend movie nights are never complete without them.

They’re great with ketchup, ranch, or your favorite dip.

32 – Air Fryer Carrots


Let’s chat about air fryer carrots. Sweet, caramelized, and delightful. Simple joys straight from the air fryer.

We use fresh carrots, olive oil, salt, and a pinch of pepper.

With the air fryer, they turn perfectly tender with a slight char. The flavor? Sweet with a hint of earthiness.

Personal story? Made these for a BBQ, and they were a hit. Friends couldn’t get enough.

33 – Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas


Bright, zesty, fresh. These fajitas are your next go-to.

We start with chicken strips, bell peppers, and onions. Season them with a mix of chili powder, cumin, and paprika.

Throw everything in the air fryer. Just a quick toss with a bit of oil.

The air fryer gives that ideal char. Flavor? Juicy, smoky, with a kick.

Top it off with warm tortillas. Personal tip: Add guacamole or salsa for extra zing.

34 – Air Fryer Kale Chips


Crunchy, healthy, addictive. We grab fresh kale leaves. Toss them with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

Flavor? Light and crispy. With an earthy kick.

They’re perfect for snacking. Guilt-free munching at its best.

Personal story: Our afternoon movie binge staple. They vanish fast.

Pairs well with a tangy dip. Try some yogurt-based ones.

35 – Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chewy center, crisp edges. Classic, comforting, and quick.

We use regular dough, mixing chocolate chips into every bite. Simple, everyday ingredients we all have.

Flavor? Rich, chocolaty goodness with a light crunch.

Personal story: We made these during a late-night snack attack. They disappeared before they cooled.

36 – Air Fryer Turkey Burgers


Juicy, tender, and flavorful patties. A lighter twist on classic beef burgers. Here’s the scoop.

We use ground turkey, bread crumbs, and a touch of garlic powder. Simple and tasty ingredients you already have.

Flavor? Savory with a mild spice kick. The texture is moist yet firm, nothing like dry turkey burgers.

Cooking time? Just 10 minutes. Perfect for a quick weekday meal.

Pair with your favorite toppings. We recommend avocado and a slice of cheddar.

37 – Air Fryer Egg Rolls


We grab some egg roll wrappers. Load them with cabbage, carrots, and a touch of soy.

Wrap tight, brush with oil. Pop them in the air fryer. 10 minutes later, crispy perfection.

Flavor? Crunchy with a veggie kick. They’re light and addictive. Great for munching anytime.

Pair with sweet chili sauce for dipping. We made these for a movie night, and they vanished. Even the kids wanted more.

38 – Air Fryer Chicken Drumsticks


Crispy goodness. Perfect bite. Simple, delicious, super easy.

We grab chicken drumsticks. Season with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. Toss with a splash of olive oil. Into the air fryer they go. They come out golden and crispy.

The flavor is smoky, savory, with a hint of spice. Texture is juicy inside, crispy outside. Great for weeknight dinners.

We made these for a family picnic. They disappeared fast. Everyone loved the crunch. Even picky eaters went for seconds. Easy, fuss-free, and a total win.

39 – Air Fryer Asparagus


Crispy, green, addictive spears. Tender inside, crunchy outside.

We use fresh asparagus, olive oil, salt, and a dash of pepper. Simple ingredients pay off with big flavor.

Flavor? Mild, earthy with a slight sweetness. Perfect roasted edge. Great side for any main dish.

Toss them in olive oil. Air fry for 8-10 minutes. Done.

Dip in aioli or enjoy plain. Great for quick, tasty dinners. Moms and dads love the zero fuss factor.

40 – Air Fryer Tortilla Chips


Snack on these crisp, golden chips. Made with just a few ingredients: tortillas, oil, salt.

Flavor? Crunchy, salty bites of heaven. They come out perfectly crisp every time.

We often munch on them during movie nights. Fast, simple, no mess.

We use soft tortillas. Cut them into triangles. Lightly coat with oil, sprinkle with salt.

Personal fav? We dip them in salsa or guac. Friends rave about them at parties.

41 – Air Fryer Pork Belly


Get ready for crispy pork belly bites. They’re tender, juicy, and super easy. We use pork belly strips, salt, pepper, and a bit of garlic powder.

Toss them in olive oil. Pop in air fryer. Ten minutes later, crispy perfection. Flavor? Rich, savory with a crackle. There’s a slight sweetness too.

We loved them for game night. No mess, no fuss. Best part? Crunchy outside, melt-in-mouth inside. We dipped in BBQ sauce. Good news? They pair well with everything.

42 – Air Fryer Tempura Vegetables


Crisp, airy, and light. It’s a Japanese classic done fast.

We grab assorted veggies – carrots, bell peppers, zucchini. Dip them in tempura batter.

Flavor? Light, crispy with a hint of sweetness. Each bite is a delight. The texture is a contrast in every crunch.

Quick, easy, and great for snacking. Perfect for anytime munchies.

Pairs great with soy or sweet n’ sour. We made these for brunch. They vanished in minutes. Healthy, satisfying, and zero fuss.

Enjoy with your favorite dip. Simple ingredients, amazing results. You’ll love the crunch.

43 – Air Fryer Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Crunchy, cheesy greatness. Perfect melt. Gooey inside, crispy outside – this sandwich is comfort in a bite.

Ingredients? Simple. Bread, cheese, butter. We use whole wheat or sourdough. Pick your favorite. For cheese, go for cheddar or mozzarella.

Air fryer works magic. Quick, easy. Flavor? Rich, cheesy, with a golden crust. Made these on a rainy day. Kids devoured them.

44 – Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers


Crunchy, cheesy greatness. The perfect melt. Gooey inside, crispy outside.

We grab bell peppers. Cut off the tops and hollow them out. Fill with seasoned rice and black beans.

Bold flavors. Add salsa, cumin, and garlic for a punch. Cook in air fryer for 15 minutes.

Flavor? Smoky, zesty, delightful. Ingredients are simple yet satisfying.

For a twist, add cheese or ground turkey. Perfect for weeknight dinners.

45 – Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls


Crispy bites, juicy inside, kid-favorite!

Sweet, gooey, perfect breakfast. Made with simple pantry items. We use pre-made dough and mix in cinnamon sugar. Flavor? Sweet, buttery, with a hint of spice.

Ingredients are a breeze. Pop them in the air fryer. Just ten minutes to deliciousness. Great for mornings or dessert. We enjoyed them fresh out the basket.

46 – Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets


We grab chicken breast. Cut into chunks. Coat with a mix of bread crumbs, garlic powder, and salt.

Flavor? Savory and crunchy without being greasy. Baking in the air fryer makes them light.

These are quick to cook. Just 12 minutes for that crispy goodness. Perfect for snack time or a meal.

Great with ketchup or honey mustard. We enjoy them during game nights. Crowd pleaser every time.

47 – Air Fryer Taquitos


Quick bites, big flavor. We use tortillas, chicken, cheese. Roll them tight. Fast, easy, tasty.

Flavor? Savory, cheesy crunch. Texture? Crispy on the outside, juicy inside.

We add salsa and sour cream on top. So good for any gathering.

Pop them in the air fryer. In 10 minutes, they’re golden.

Perfect snack or meal. Easy clean-up, zero mess.

48 – Air Fryer Green Beans


Crispy, crunchy, tasty green beans. Quick and satisfying.

We get fresh green beans. Toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Air fry for about 10 minutes.

Perfect roasted crunch. Inside, they’re tender and juicy.

Simple ingredients make great results. The flavor is mild, earthy with that perfect bite.

We love them with a dash of lemon juice. Green beans are so versatile.

They fit with almost anything. Salads, mains, snacks – you name it.

49 – Air Fryer Crab Cakes


Crab cakes have a crispy exterior and soft, flavorful inside. Ideal for seafood lovers.

We use crab meat, breadcrumbs, egg, mayo, and spices. Simple ingredients, big taste.

Flavor? Fresh, savory with a hint of spice. They come out golden and perfect.

We love them as a side or main dish.

50 – Air Fryer Fried Pickles


Crunchy, tangy, and addictive.

We’re obsessed with fried pickles. The crunch is next level. Dunk them in ranch or eat straight. Awesome for appetizers or snacking.

Ingredients? Dill pickles, flour, egg, breadcrumbs. Flavor? Savory, tangy delight. Prep quick. Cook quicker.

Slice pickles thin. Coat in flour, egg, breadcrumbs. Pop them in the air fryer. Golden brown in 10 mins.

51 – Air Fryer Biscuits


Flaky, golden, quick: Biscuits from an air fryer are the ultimate side dish. We love how they get so crispy and delicious without much effort. Just mix some simple ingredients and pop them in.

First of all, easy ingredients. We use flour, baking powder, salt, butter, and milk. Maybe you’ve got all these already? No fancy stuff needed here.

Comparing to oven-baked? Less time, same yum. Air fryer biscuits are like quick magic in the culinary world.

52 – Air Fryer Meatloaf


Alright, meatloaf time! We love a good meatloaf, and doing it in the air fryer? Game-changer. It cooks evenly and stays juicy.

Ingredients? Ground beef, breadcrumbs, eggs, onion, garlic, ketchup, mustard, and some spices. Simple, right? We mix them all up.

Cooking tips? Preheat your air fryer. Don’t crowd the basket. Flip halfway for even cooking.

53 – Air Fryer Cauliflower Steaks


Cauliflower in the air fryer? Yes, please! It’s crispy outside, tender inside.

Ingredients? Cauliflower, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. Simple stuff.

We cut the cauliflower into thick slices. Season it well.

Cooking tips? Lightly coat with oil. Preheat the air fryer.

We cook it at 375°F. About 15 minutes. We flip halfway. This ensures even cooking.

Perfect as a side or main dish. It’s delicious and healthy.

54 – Air Fryer Bagels


Bagels in an air fryer? You bet! It’s crazy how easy and tasty they get.

Ingredients? Flour, Greek yogurt, baking powder, and salt. Yep, that’s all.

We make the dough by mixing everything up. Shape it into bagels. Preheat the air fryer.

Cooking tips? Don’t skip preheating. Brush with an egg wash for a golden touch.

Crispy outside. Soft inside. Perfect for breakfast or snacking.

55 – Air Fryer Tater Tots


Crunchy goodness? Yes, please! Tater tots in an air fryer get super crispy. We love it.

Ingredients? Potatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper. Got them?

We cook them at 400°F for about 20 minutes. Flip halfway.

Snack-ready, super quick. Perfect for any time munching. Plates empty fast.

56 – Air Fryer Grilled Pineapple

Air Fryer Grilled Pineapple

Ever tried grilling pineapple? Time to change things up!

We toss pineapple in the air fryer. The result? Sweet, caramelized goodness. Perfect for a quick snack.

No fuss, just sweet and savory deliciousness. Use everyday ingredients. Keeps things simple and tasty.

57 – Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Air Fryer Hot Dogs recipe

Now, let’s talk hot dogs. We get it, a classic favorite.

Here’s a twist: air fryer style. The result? Juicy and perfectly crisp. Super easy and so good.

Pop them in. Wait a few minutes. Done. Use any type of hot dog. Perfect for quick meals. No mess, just deliciousness.

58 – Air Fryer Butternut Squash

Air Fryer Butternut Squash

Ready for a game-changer in your veggies? Toss and air fry butternut squash for sweet, caramelized bites of joy. We love how easy and quick it is. Pop those cubes in and let the air fryer work its magic.

No mess, just wholesome goodness. Versatile and pairs with anything. Perfect for side dishes or a healthy snack. Plus, fewer dishes to wash. Mouthwatering flavors in minutes. Trust us, it’s a must-try.

59 – Air Fryer Parmesan Crisps

Air Fryer Parmesan Crisps

Let’s get cheesy with Parmesan Crisps. These bites? Pure crunchy perfection. Only need Parmesan.

Spread on parchment, pop in the fryer. Done in minutes. Great on salads or soups.

Light, crispy, addictive. We can’t stop eating them. Minimal effort, maximum snacking.

60 – Air Fryer Quesadillas

Air Fryer Quesadillas

Who loves quesadillas? We do! Toss them in the air fryer for an easy, crispy treat. Cheese melts perfectly, tortillas come out crunchy.

Less oil, less mess. Perfect snack or meal. Use whatever fillings you crave. Easy to mix things up.

Ready in minutes. No need to flip. Perfectly cooked every time. Quick, delicious, and fun.

Of course, you can add some salsa or guac on the side. That’s it, folks. Enjoy!

61 – Air Fryer Chimichurri Chicken

Air Fryer Chimichurri Chicken recipe

We absolutely love air fryer chimichurri chicken. Tender, juicy, with a zesty kick. This recipe is all about flavor without the mess.

Just marinate and air fry. It’s quick and super easy. Perfect for a busy weeknight. Serve with a side of your favorite veggies.

No fancy ingredients required. Enjoy a burst of herby goodness in every bite. Efficient, delicious, and healthy eating made simple.

62 – Air Fryer Lamb Chops

delicious Air Fryer Lamb Chops

Let’s talk lamb chops. Air fryer style, of course. Tender, juicy, and simply amazing. We season, cook, and enjoy.

Ready in a flash. No mess, just deliciousness. Perfect for quick meals. We love the simplicity.

Pair with your fave sides. Effortless eating at its best. Give it a whirl, trust us.

63 – Air Fryer Mushrooms

Air Fryer Mushrooms recipe

Air fryer mushrooms are the way to go. Toss them in for a quick, tasty side dish.

Simple and delicious. Perfect for mushroom lovers. We use any type of mushroom, and they come out crispy and tender.

Great with any meal. No fuss, just flavor. Fast, easy, and oh-so-good.

Try it with garlic and herbs for extra punch. Perfect snack or side.

64 – Air Fryer Chocolate Cake

Air Fryer Chocolate Cake

We get it. Sometimes you need chocolate. Fast. This air fryer chocolate cake is our go-to.

Moist, rich, and done in minutes. Minimal ingredients and effort. Sweet simplicity.

Perfect for unexpected cravings. No need to preheat anything.

Quick, straightforward, and beyond delicious. Great with a scoop of ice cream.

65 – Air Fryer Chicken Satay

Air Fryer Chicken Satay recipe

We’ve got an easy, tasty treat for you. Air fryer chicken satay is a winner. Juicy, flavorful, and quick.

Marinate the chicken, pop it in the fryer. Done in minutes. Perfect bite-sized pieces.

Serve with peanut sauce. Ideal for parties or snacks.

No fuss, just yum. Simple prep, big payoff. Everyday ingredients, extraordinary taste.

66 – Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts Chips

Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts Chips recipe

Okay, friends, who’s up for some crispy nibbles? Brussels sprouts chips are a total win. They come out crunchy and golden.

Just toss them with a bit of oil and seasoning. Perfect snack or side. Healthy and delicious. Easy to make and no mess.

Try them out and thank us later. Air frying makes them perfect every time. Enjoy with any dip you like.

67 – Air Fryer Sausage and Peppers

Air Fryer Sausage and Peppers

We love this recipe. Toss sausage and peppers in the air fryer. The result? Juicy sausage, crisp peppers. Super easy prep.

No fancy steps. Quick and straightforward. Perfect for busy nights. Minimal clean-up required.

Everyday ingredients. Hearty, satisfying, delicious. Our go-to for an easy meal.

68 – Air Fryer Eggplant Fries

Air Fryer Eggplant Fries recipe

Alright, friends! Eggplant fries are here. They’re crisp, tasty, and ready fast.

These fries need simple seasonings. Toss them in and fry until golden. Perfect for dipping. Snack time just got better.

Easy prep, easy cook. Healthy side or snack. Give them a go and see for yourself!

69 – Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins

Air Fryer Blueberry Muffins

We’ve got a fun one for you! Air fryer blueberry muffins. They’re moist, sweet, and bursting with blueberries. Easy to mix and quick to cook.

Perfect for a speedy breakfast or snack. Use everyday ingredients. No mess, just tasty muffins. Wholesome and delightful.

Enjoy them warm from the fryer. Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. Quick, effortless, and oh-so-good.

70 – Air Fryer Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Air Fryer Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Alright folks, time for a treat! The ham and cheese sandwich is about to get an upgrade.

We air fry it to perfection. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside.

No fancy ingredients needed. Just ham, cheese, and bread.

Quick prep, quick cook. Great for a speedy lunch.

Perfect for any cheese lover. We promise, you’ll love it.

Enjoy it hot and pair with your favorite dip. Snack time sorted!

71 – Air Fryer Samosas

Air Fryer Samosas

Ah, samosas, a true snack time gem. Crispy outside, with a flavorful, spiced filling.

Pop them in the air fryer, and they’re ready in no time. Healthier and no fuss.

Perfect for dipping in chutney or yogurt. Easy to make and enjoy.

Ideal for parties or just because. Simple ingredients, big taste.

We can’t get enough of these. Try them with different fillings for variety.

Light, crispy, and super tasty.

72 – Air Fryer Sweet and Sour Chicken

Air Fryer Beignets

Who’s ready for some tangy goodness? Our air fryer sweet and sour chicken delivers. It’s crisp, juicy, and packed with flavor.

Perfectly balanced sweetness and tanginess. Quick prep and faster cooking.

We use basic ingredients. Minimal mess.

Great for busy weeknights. Tasty sauce coats each bite.

Super simple, absolutely delicious. Try it with rice or noodles.

73 – Air Fryer Beignets

Air Fryer Beignets

These air fryer beignets are a blast. They’re fluffy, warm, and powdered with sweetness. Perfect for a quick treat.

We use simple ingredients. Effortless mixing and air frying. No oily mess. Just pure, delicious beignets in minutes.

Perfect for a sweet snack or party treat. Enjoy with coffee or tea. Fun, fast, and absolutely yummy.

74 – Air Fryer Croutons

Air Fryer Croutons

Air fryer croutons are a game-changer. Crispy and golden. Toss bread chunks with some oil and seasonings.

Pop them in the air fryer and bam, done in minutes. Perfect for soups or salads. Simple ingredients, tons of flavor.

They’ve got that perfect crunch. Ready fast, zero hassle. No more store-bought stuff.

Make them fresh anytime. Quick, easy, delicious. That’s what we call a win.

75 – Air Fryer Pita Chips

Air Fryer Pita Chips recipe

Pita chips in the air fryer are amazing. Quick, crisp, and perfect for munching.

Just cut pita bread, add a touch of oil and seasonings. Toss in the air fryer and you’re set.

They come out golden and ready in minutes. A great snack for any time.

Mix it up with different seasonings. Great standalone or with dips.

76 – Air Fryer Zucchini Boats

Air Fryer Zucchini Boats

Zucchini boats in the air fryer are here. They’re healthy, tasty, and super easy. Just scoop, stuff, and air fry.

Crispy outside, tender inside. Perfect for a quick meal or snack. Use your favorite fillings.

Minimal prep, and they cook fast. Ideal for busy days. Simple ingredients, big flavor.

Great for veggie lovers. Give them a try, and you’ll be hooked.

77 – Air Fryer Chicken Parmigiana

Air Fryer Chicken Parmigiana

Our air fryer chicken parmigiana is something special. Crispy chicken, melty cheese, and rich marinara. We keep it super simple.

Season chicken and air fry. Add marinara and cheese, then back to the fryer. Perfect in minutes.

Great for busy nights. We love it with spaghetti or a salad on the side. Easy, quick, and tasty.

Trust us, this one’s a keeper. Perfect for when you crave something both hearty and quick.

78 – Air Fryer Stuffed Chicken Breast

Air Fryer Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed chicken breast is a hit. The chicken stays juicy and the filling is flavorful. We use simple ingredients. Quick and easy prep. Toss in the fryer.

It cooks fast and evenly. Perfect for a hassle-free meal. Use your favorite stuffing. Surprise your taste buds. This recipe is great for busy nights.

Satisfying and delicious. Clean-up is minimal. Dinner done right. Enjoy it!

79 – Air Fryer Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Air Fryer Lemon Garlic Shrimps

You won’t believe how good this one is! Lemon garlic shrimp in the air fryer. Bursting with flavor and quick. Minimal prep for a tasty meal.

We toss shrimp with lemon, garlic, and a bit of oil. Air fry for a few minutes. Done and delicious. Perfect with veggies or rice.

Absolutely easy. No mess. A quick win for seafood lovers.

80 – Air Fryer BBQ Ribs

freshly cook Air Fryer BBQ Ribs

Alright, BBQ rib fans, we got you covered. These air fryer ribs are a total hit. Fast to prep, quick to cook.

We use simple spices. Coat ribs well. They come out juicy and flavorful.

Perfect for a quick dinner. Great for weekend treats.

Minimal mess. Effortless and tasty. Pair with your favorite sides.

81 – Air Fryer Banana Chips

Air Fryer Banana Chips recipe

Who’s ready for crispy goodness? Our air fryer banana chips are a treat. Slice bananas thin and toss with a touch of oil.

Into the air fryer they go. They come out golden and crunchy. Great for snacking anytime.

Healthy and addictive. No fuss, quick and easy. Perfect alone or with dips. We love munching on them!

82 – Air Fryer Shrimp Tacos

delicious Air Fryer Shrimp Tacos

Okay folks, air fryer shrimp tacos are here! Juicy shrimp, crispy shells, and a burst of flavor. We toss shrimp with spices and a bit of oil. They cook fast and come out perfect.

Stuff them in warm tortillas. Top with your favorite fixings. Absolutely amazing and super quick. Minimal mess, maximum taste.

Great for busy nights. They’re a must-try. Easy, delicious, and fun.

83 – Air Fryer Stuffed Jalapenos

Air Fryer Stuffed Jalapenos recipe

Alright folks, air fryer stuffed jalapenos coming in hot! These are spicy, cheesy, and absolutely delicious.

We simply cut and core the jalapenos, then stuff them with cream cheese and spices.

Air fry until they’re crispy and melty. Perfect for a quick snack or party food.

So easy, so tasty, and ready in minutes.

84 – Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

steaming hot Air Fryer Baked Potatoes

Who knew air fryers could make the perfect baked potatoes? It’s true, and we’re obsessed. Crispy skin is just one of the perks.

Another plus, they’re ready in less than an hour. No more waiting forever. The inside? Fluffy and dreamy.

We can top them any way we like. Butter, cheese, or our favorite sour cream. Let’s not forget, hardly any clean-up. That’s a win-win in our book.

85 – Air Fryer Veggie Burgers

Air Fryer Veggie Burgers

Sure, let’s chat about these mind-blowing air fryer veggie burgers. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. No more soggy patties. Ready in 20 minutes. It’s quick, simple, and tasty. Toss in onions, mushrooms, or whatever veggies we prefer.

Minimal oil needed. Think healthier options without sacrificing flavor. Easy prep. Mix, form, and air fry. No fuss, little mess. Perfect for any meal. Let’s top them with our favorite sauces and enjoy a guilt-free delight.

86 – Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower

Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower

So, buffalo cauliflower. We’re into these spicy bites. Crispy coating, tender insides. Ready in 25 minutes.

Ideal for snack attacks or side dishes. No need for tons of oil. Just a spritz. Toss in your favorite hot sauce. It’s all about that zing.

We keep it simple. Flour, breadcrumbs, and seasoning. Minimal clean-up, which is always a win. Top with ranch or blue cheese. Dig in and enjoy.

87 – Air Fryer S’mores


Who knew we could get that campfire vibe at home? Crispy graham crackers and gooey marshmallows sound good to us. Ready in 10 minutes. Quick and easy.

No smoke, no mess. We use minimal tools. Assemble, air fry, and devour. Chocolate melts just right. Perfect snack or dessert.

S’mores anytime we like. Limited clean-up is a bonus. We keep experimenting with toppings. Simple pleasures made easy.

88 – Air Fryer Lamb Kebabs

Air Fryer Lamb Kebabs

We love these lamb kebabs, and they’re super easy in the air fryer. Juicy inside and deliciously crispy outside.

A perfect balance of flavors. Ready in just 15 minutes! Minimal oil, healthier choice.

Mix spices, marinate, then air fry. Simple steps. No messy grill needed.

Ideal for parties or quick dinners. We top them with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon.

89 – Air Fryer Chicken Quesadilla

delicious Air Fryer Chicken Quesadilla

We can’t get enough of these chicken quesadillas. Cheesy, crispy, and super quick. Ready in 10 minutes.

Throw in your go-to veggies. Minimal oil, healthier option. Perfect for lunch or snack time.

Easy prep, simple clean-up. Chop, assemble, and air fry. Our go-to recipe for busy days.

Add salsa or guac. Enjoy warm, melty goodness.

90 – Air Fryer Garlic Bread

Air Fryer Garlic Bread

Alright, garlic bread lovers! Perfectly crispy outside, fluffy inside. We can’t get enough.

Ready in just 10 minutes.

We use minimal oil. Makes it healthier. Mix garlic, butter, and herbs. Spread on bread.

Air fry till golden. Easy clean-up. A simple, tasty addition to any meal. Let’s enjoy this effortless treat.

91 – Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken

Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken

Alright, popcorn chicken fans! Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. Ready in 15 minutes.

Barely any oil needed. Healthier snack option. Easy to prep, mix, and air fry.

Great for parties or quick meals. Try with dipping sauces. Minimal clean-up. Satisfying and simple.

We love how versatile this is. Adjust spices to your liking. Give it a whirl and enjoy.

92 – Air Fryer Baked Apple

Air Fryer Baked apple recipe

Alright, fruit lovers! We’re baking apples in the air fryer. Soft inside, lightly crispy outside. Topped with cinnamon; ready in 15 minutes. Easy, quick dessert.

Use minimal ingredients—just apples and spice. Perfect warm and delicious bite. Simple to clean up. We love this no-fuss recipe for after dinner.

93 – Air Fryer Roasted Garlic

Air Fryer Roasted Garlic

Alright, garlic lovers! Whole roasted garlic cloves. Soft inside and nicely caramelized outside. Easy peasy in the air fryer.

Mix garlic bulbs with olive oil and a pinch of salt. Roast till golden. Ready in 18 minutes.

Perfect for spreading on bread or adding to dishes. Minimal clean-up.

Quick and cozy garlic fix with minimal fuss. We’re all about this simple, tasty recipe.

94 – Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Air Fryer Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

So, air fryer cinnamon sugar donuts are our new obsession. Soft and airy inside, crisp outside. Ready in 10 minutes flat.

We use simple ingredients: dough, butter, and cinnamon sugar. Minimal fuss, maximum flavor. Perfect for breakfast or a quick snack.

No messy frying, just easy air frying. Lightly coat with sugar mix post-air fry. These donuts are a real treat. Try it and see for yourself!

95 – Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza

Air Fryer Pepperoni Pizza

Alright, pizza fans, here’s the lowdown. Cheesy, crispy, ready in 10 minutes. Perfectly cooked pepperoni.

Minimal prep; just sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Air fry till golden. Quick, easy, satisfying.

Great option for a snack or quick meal. Pizza fix without the hassle. Simple clean-up.

We top with extra cheese for added gooeyness.

96 – Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Wings

Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Wings

Our lemon pepper wings are a real treat. Air fryer magic makes them crispy and juicy. Ready in 20 minutes.

We mix lemon juice and pepper for a perfect zing. Minimal oil needed, so they’re healthier. Easy prep, mix spices, marinate, and air fry.

Great for any occasion. Simple clean-up, which we love. Top with extra lemon zest for an added kick.

97 – Air Fryer Broccoli Cheddar Bites

Air Fryer Broccoli Cheddar Bites

Alright, broccoli cheddar bites! Crispy outside, gooey inside. Ready in 15 minutes.

Perfect snack or side. We love it with minimal prep. Just mix, form, and air fry. Healthier option with less oil. Simple clean-up too.

We add cheddar for extra flavor punch. Great for parties or quick munching. Try dipping in ranch or marinara.

98 – Air Fryer Loaded Potato Skins

Air Fryer Loaded Potato Skins

Alright, potato skin lovers! We’re obsessed with these loaded potato skins. Crispy, cheesy, and ready in 15 minutes.

Perfect for a quick snack or party bites. Use minimal oil for a healthier twist. Easy prep; just bake, load, and air fry.

We top ours with bacon, sour cream, and chives. Seriously tasty and super easy to make.

99 – Air Fryer Trout

Air Fryer Trout

Who knew trout could be so easy and tasty in an air fryer? Quick, crispy, and perfectly cooked every time.

Ready in 20 minutes. We use simple seasoning—salt, pepper, and a bit of lemon juice. It’s fresh and healthy.

Minimal oil for a lighter meal. Ideal for a quick dinner. Serve with your go-to sides.

100 – Air Fryer Country Ribs

Air Fryer Country-Style Ribs recipe

Alright, rib fans! Juicy inside, perfectly crispy outside. Ready in 25 minutes.

We use minimal seasoning for maximum flavor. Perfect for a quick meal. Simple ingredients – ribs, salt, pepper.

Air fry for ease. Less oil, healthier choice. Great for any occasion. Easy prep and quick to cook.

Try these ribs for a satisfying dinner. We love how fast and tasty they are.